Saturday, January 27, 2007

Police Community Support Officers

The Government has reneged on its election manifesto pledge to create 24,000 Police Community Support Officers by 2008.

Their plan to roll out the national non emergency number has also been revoked.

I've come across a number of PCSO's in the last few weeks, they undertake an excellent job supporting the local police. People want more uniformed officers on the streets, not less. We were promised support from Bournemouth East PCSO's for Iford, I suspect that might now not be available.

Increasingly the attention of the police is centred on Poole and Bournemouth town centres, particularly at the weekend. PCSO's provide a vital service in retaining locally knowledgeable and responsive officers, we should be finding ways to fund more rather than less.


Anonymous said...

As Littledown and Iford are a part of the East Bournemouth Section it seems to me that the PCSO'S spend more time in Boscombe.
Much as they are an additional deterent they have very limited powers in which hinders the effect.Once again this is the Labour Goverment that has again given us an inadequate scheme.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the previous comments.We will only benefit when Boscombe gets better and that will never happen.
Why put some-one on the street with limited powers.Reassurance,yes,problem solving,no.