Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mobile Phone Mast Application by the Iford Bridge Tavern

I've recieved notification of an application to place a mobile phone mast on the corner of Old Bridge Road and Christchurch Road opposite the Iford Bridge Tavern, adjacent to the area of grass and seating next to the river.

I met O2 with a group of residents to discuss the possibility of a mast in this location back in October. We suggested alternative sites, but unfortunately it looks as though our recommendation has been rejected.

My opinion is that this is a totally unsuitable site. It's right opposite the pub and the neighbouring houses, within 100yds of the Little Bridges Nursery and the Old Bridge Road is already difficult to exit without adding to the obstructions on the corner.

I'll be opposing the application and will be happy to assist any other local residents who wish to do so. The application number is: 7/2007/18550/GZ

You can make your objection by e-mailing:

or writing to the planning department at:

Bournemouth Borough Council
Planning and Transport
Town Hall Annexe,
St. Stephen's Road
Bournemouth BH2 6EA

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Anonymous said...

I am confused at the conflicting reports regarding the health hazard attached to mobile phones and mast.To the Best of my knowledge there was no debate on the tetra system used by the police and that was conflicting in health aspects.
I am not against technology but the mast has to fit in with the local enviroment.Look at Motobitz on the Boscombe High Street and see how unfitting that looks