Wednesday, January 17, 2007

McCarthy & Stone letters in Holdenhurst Avenue

I understand from some residents that McCarthy and Stone have written to some residents living at the Christchurch Road end of Holdenhurst Avenue asking whether they would consider selling their homes. It seems they are envisaging purchasing some properties with a view to creating a 'retirement development'.

Their letter states that some residents are already considering selling. If you have recieved one of these letters can I warn you that they always say that. They hope that by creating the impression that your neighbours are going to sell you will do so too.

McCarthy and Stone do build some very pleasant developments. I'm just not sure that Holdenhurst Avenue is going to be the right place for them, particularly when they could well be developments of flats.

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Anonymous said...

My concern is that it maybe more flats.I am not against developement but it must fit the criteria and the enviroment of the area.Also i do not want to see a snowball effect from one developer into another