Thursday, June 28, 2007

Green Waste Bags - update!

I’m very sorry, no sooner had I emailed you to tell you that you could ring and request the additional bags are dropped off than waste and recycling decided they didn’t have the manpower to do that. Therefore you need to collect the additional bags, either during the week from Milhams or Southcote Road or alternatively you can collect them on Sunday from the King’s Park drop site.

As usual with the waste items for the Council you will need to take along proof that you are a Bournemouth Resident by way of a council tax bill.

As an aside, we are looking at these arrangements which are not user friendly and to us (the new administration) are overly bureaucratic. It requires some negotiation with Poole Borough and Dorset County however and therefore change may take a little while I’m afraid.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Councillor responsibilities

To be honest another of the reasons I’ve not been able to provide you with an update (or update the blog) is because of the amount of enquiries and requests for assistance coming my way. Jane, Michael and I have therefore decided to split our work load on an issue related basis. We realise that this list of issues is not exhaustive but it should, we hope, give you an idea of who to contact in case you need some help:


Environment/Waste/Social Services/Housing


And, a reminder that our ward surgeries start this Saturday and will continue on the last Saturday of the month from 10 until 12 at the Littledown Centre.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We held a meeting with the Highways Department and the new cabinet member for transportation issues last week to discuss the various traffic problems in our ward, the outcome of this meeting was as follows:

Holdenhurst Road: Instructions were given to begin works to improve the Richmond Park Road junction (by the fire station) to improve traffic flow along the length of the road between Ashley Road and this point. These works will probably take around 6 – 9 months to complete.

Instructions were also given to review the bus lane and begin negotiations with the bus companies to make it part time only.

King’s Park Slip Road: Instructions were given to commence the construction of the slip road. The works may take up to two years because of some considerable work that will be required to the Wessex Way, but at last the scheme is officially under way!

Castle Lane East: Instructions were given to begin the works to improve the Riverside Avenue/Tescos and Holdenhurst Avenue junctions. Again, these may take a year or so to complete. They will include the widening of the junction to make three lanes crossing the junction heading towards Iford. Two lanes will filter to one going straight ahead while there will be a dedicated right hand turn lane for Holdenhurst Avenue.

These road improvements will mean the loss of a couple of the trees on the corner of Riverside Avenue and Castle Lane East, we feel though that this is a price work paying for a much safer junction in this location.

Right turns exiting Holdenhurst Avenue will be prohibited and a new feeder lane will be created to exit the road on to Castle Lane East heading towards Cooper Dean.

Instructions were also given to review the bus lane here too and begin negotiations with the bus companies to make it part time only.

Iford Lane: Instructions have finally been given to widen the pavement running under the railway bridge, making the lane single carriageway only under the bridge, and giving priority to traffic travelling South along the road.

Green Waste Bags

Based upon everyone’s concerns about the availability of the Green Waste Bags, we’ve been able to immediately increase this year’s allocation by 8 bags to 33 per household. To register to take part, with bags delivered to and collected from your home, call 451199. Or collect the biodegradable bags from the Council’s Depot at Southcote Road between 0800hrs and 1700hrs.

Additional bags are now going to be made available above the allocation of 33 at a cost of £1 per bag. I’m sorry we are going to have to charge for these, but budgetary constraints require that we have to do so.

Council officers have been asked to bring forward a scheme for Green Bins to be introduced on a roll out basis across the town from April next year. Jane, Michael and I will be doing all we can to ensure that Littledown and Iford is in the first wave for these bins.