Saturday, August 08, 2009

Closure of Ashley Road

For those of you who did not see this in the Echo. We have now heard from Network Rail that they have definite dates for the long awaited closure of Ashley Road, Boscombe, while the bridge over the railway it replaced. We have asked that, if at all possible, the closure is delayed for buses and the reopening for buses only is brought forward, even if it means a single lane ‘buses only' section and only for a week or so at either end. They have said that they will try to achieve this, but can make no promises.

Ashley Road will be completely closed at the railway bridge from Monday 19 October until Saturday 19 December.

There will be full possessions of the rail line (so no trains operating) from 01.00 on Saturday 14 November to 04.00 on Monday 16 November, and also from 01.00 on Sunday 22 November to 04.00 on Monday 23 November when the rubble from the present bridge is removed. This will, I understand, be done by road, so there will be large numbers of heavy lorries present on those weekends. All design and supervision works for the bridge replacement will be done by Network Rail or their contractors.
There will, inevitably, be a considerable amount of disruption to traffic flows during this period, but please be assured that we will do all we can to minimise the effects on local residents and businesses.

Parking Problems

I can hear you groan now!

An update: we’re still chasing the issue of residents parking permits.

In the meantime I have been able to speak to Parking and make a temporary arrangement with them. Margaret Leslie is the parking manager, she has agreed that she residents can email her when they know that they are not going to be able to park off road during the designated times and therefore their cars may be left on the lines. She will endeavour to ensure you don’t get a ticket. I must stress that this is not an arrangement that can be used frequesntly and it is for occasions when parking on the road is completely unavoidable.

If you have workmen working at your home you should arrange with them to get their own tradesman permit which will exempt them while working at your property. Again Margaret can arrange this.

This arrangements can not be used retrospectively, so if you get a ticket I’m afraid you will still have to pay it, sorry!

Margaret can be contacted at:

Tree Removal - Littledown Estate

We’ve had this message from the Council’s Tree Officer:

Close to the footway that runs through Littledown estate near to Hartsbourne Drive there is a veteran Oak. It is likely that this tree is in excess of 300 hundred years old. Veteran trees are an important and scarce resource and require sympathetic management.

We need to carry out some remedial works to this tree to reduce the potential for large decayed limbs to break out and strike the footway or neighbouring properties. This work will involve reducing the trees crown to lessen loading on the limbs. The tree is surrounded by young Sycamore and Horse chestnut trees these young trees are very vigorous and will 'swamp' the older Oak particularly following this remedial work. In order to prevent this we will be removing a number of these young trees to create a favourable habitat for the Oak to carry on for many more decades.

Porchester School - Proposed Sports Hall

Porchester School are making a planning application for a new sports hall. It’s another of those occasions when opinion is split. We have had people contact us who are both in support of the application (largely parents and teachers) and those who are against (particularly residents of Petersfield Road who will back on to the site).

The application will come before the Planning Board on Monday 17th August at the Town Hall. The meeting starts at 5pm and the application is on in second place, which means it should be heard about 5.30 – 6pm (Although as those who attended the meeting for Southwick Road know only too well that’s a very approximate time).

I will be speaking for those residents who are against the proposal and Jane will be speaking on behalf of those who are in favour. If anyone would like to talk to us about it before the meeting then please either Jane or I know.

Dave Wells Application - Southwick and Warneford Road

Jane and I and around 30 residents attended the Planning Board meeting last month to oppose the application. The vote was close, but I am pleased to say that the application was overturned. Thanks so much to everyone who came along and to all of you who wrote in with objections. We expect it to go to appeal relatively soon and will of course be supplying letters to object at that point too.