Friday, August 20, 2010

King's Park Ice Rink Planning Application

A note to confirm that the planning application for the proposed ice rink in King’s Park is going to be brought before the Planning Board of the Council.  I am pressing for that meeting to be held ‘in the patch’ – i.e. somewhere in our area.

We are not going to circulate notes about support or objection as we know that opinion is divided. 

For the record, I will be opposing this application.  My objection is entirely on the grounds that it states that there need be no further traffic improvements in the surrounding area to accommodate the extra traffic which would be generated by the proposal.  My personal view is that’s ridiculous and that a precondition of the planning approval must be the King’s Park on-slip.  Jane I believe supports me in that view. 

And you can comment by emailing:  quoting reference: 7-2010-3625- AC

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A bad day for Bournemouth Council

Today saw the Standard's Board hearing in to a complaint against Cllr Stephen Macloughlin.  The whole business has been pretty unedifying, but, as the Daily Echo reports here, the result leaves no one satisfied.  In my view no one comes out of this process with any credit.  It's a sad day for the Council.