Saturday, August 08, 2009

Closure of Ashley Road

For those of you who did not see this in the Echo. We have now heard from Network Rail that they have definite dates for the long awaited closure of Ashley Road, Boscombe, while the bridge over the railway it replaced. We have asked that, if at all possible, the closure is delayed for buses and the reopening for buses only is brought forward, even if it means a single lane ‘buses only' section and only for a week or so at either end. They have said that they will try to achieve this, but can make no promises.

Ashley Road will be completely closed at the railway bridge from Monday 19 October until Saturday 19 December.

There will be full possessions of the rail line (so no trains operating) from 01.00 on Saturday 14 November to 04.00 on Monday 16 November, and also from 01.00 on Sunday 22 November to 04.00 on Monday 23 November when the rubble from the present bridge is removed. This will, I understand, be done by road, so there will be large numbers of heavy lorries present on those weekends. All design and supervision works for the bridge replacement will be done by Network Rail or their contractors.
There will, inevitably, be a considerable amount of disruption to traffic flows during this period, but please be assured that we will do all we can to minimise the effects on local residents and businesses.

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Anonymous said...

All this hot air coming from Boscombe Traders.Whenever Network Rail decide to do it will never be suitable,so let them get on with the work.As a trader in Boscombe and as a resident of Iford i do take exception that the Chairman of Boscombe Traders,Mr Steve Kent,is not a trader at all and has no qualification in representing the business community.Its a tiny mind that thinks we get our trade from the Ashley Bridge direction as we get local people from all over Bournemouth.It will NOT be the closing of the bridge that will put the nail in the coffin but the recession and if Mr Kent did his research he would find out that many businesses have been in trouble for a long time.