Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tree Removal - Littledown Estate

We’ve had this message from the Council’s Tree Officer:

Close to the footway that runs through Littledown estate near to Hartsbourne Drive there is a veteran Oak. It is likely that this tree is in excess of 300 hundred years old. Veteran trees are an important and scarce resource and require sympathetic management.

We need to carry out some remedial works to this tree to reduce the potential for large decayed limbs to break out and strike the footway or neighbouring properties. This work will involve reducing the trees crown to lessen loading on the limbs. The tree is surrounded by young Sycamore and Horse chestnut trees these young trees are very vigorous and will 'swamp' the older Oak particularly following this remedial work. In order to prevent this we will be removing a number of these young trees to create a favourable habitat for the Oak to carry on for many more decades.

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Danny said...

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