Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cats disappearing in Swanmore Close

This story is on the front page of today's Daily Echo. It's about a number of cats going missing in Swanmore Close and, heartbreakingly, how one little girl discovered her cat was one of two that had been found drowned in a garden pond.

The whole story is very distressing. What concerns me a little about it, however, is the headline and first paragraph, which blames 'sick yobs' for drowning the cat. When you read the full story it would appear that there is no evidence as to who has attacked and killed the cats.

If indeed there are some very sick people out there who are attacking the animals then the police should be taking much greater notice of the area. I've not had any reports of this happening though.

Can anyone shed any more light on the situation? I have had reports of an inordinate number of foxes in Meon Road and Swanmore Road recently. Clearly they aren't reponsible for the drowning of two cats, but the report may explain why it appears a further five are reported missing.

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Anonymous said...

I do hope the Police catch the yobs who done this dispicable act.I feel sorry for the family involved.What sort of people do this?