Friday, January 19, 2007

Jade Goody

So much has been written about Celebrity Big Brother this week that I hardly feel qualified to comment.

Suffice it to say that I have been on the receiving end of prejudice and discrimination. It isn't pleasant and for me Shilpa Shetty has behaved, from what I have seen, with decorum and dignity. Good for her.

As for Jade Goody, well, I think her comments on hearing she was to be evicted were the most incisive thing she has ever said. "I swear to God, I said it would start here and it would end here."

Let's hope it has, for all our sakes.


Robert Jackman said...

Ironic isn't it.

She first entered Big Brother desperate to be famous - now she wishes she was anonymous again.

I've just blogged on it; let me know what you think:


Anonymous said...

Too Much of this sort of television.Why do we pay our license fee at all?-As for Jade Goody all she has to do is open her mouth and the wholeof Bournemouth's refuse collection comes spilling out.I also beleive that thease types of programes and the cult of teenagers who watches them harms their upbringing and cultural understanding.Jenny