Sunday, January 21, 2007

Youth Crime

With my hat of Parliamentary Candidate I attended a Crime Reduction Parnership meeting in Mid Dorset last week It made me think about one of the common concerns raised there, that of youth crime.

I therefore have spent some time today looking out some information from the party and elsewhere about the issue. The figures are quite astounding. The shocking statistics were obtained by Conservatives under the Freedom of Information Act.

· Across the country, a third of all muggings last year were on 11-16 year olds. They are seen as easy targets by muggers seeking mobile phones and MP3 players. In turn, 11-16 year olds were responsible for 40 per cent of all robberies.

· The Government, despite claiming street crime is a top priority, does not properly monitor the level of youth muggings.

· There were a projected 113,000 robberies on 11 to 16-year-olds last year across England & Wales. This is equivalent to over 600 muggings a day for each of the 195 school days.

· In Dorset 23%, or 55 of 239 personal robberies reported were on 11 to 16 year olds.

These new statistics reveal a worrying area of crime that has gone unrecognised. This is likely to be the tip off the iceberg given how few crimes are actually reported.

Secondary school students and their parents will immediately recognise the picture of life these crime figures paint. Having mobiles and ipods routinely stolen, being marched to the cashpoint, seeing their friends mugged – this is the everyday life for too many of our teenagers. Too often these crimes are carried out by people of their own age.

Youth-on-youth crime could be a serious long-term problem and the Government are not properly monitoring it. I believe young people have a right to expect violent crime against them to be taken seriously by this Government.

For that reason I want to work with our local Crime Reduction Partnerships to identify both the victims and perpetrators of these crimes. We should be offering support to the victims and looking for Community involvement in the identification of those who carry out the attacks.


Anonymous said...

I read this article this evening, and found it fascinating.

Evidently, 18 strokes is likely to break the rebellious will of many of those teenagers.

Still, I'm sure that 'working with your local Crime Reduction Partnership' to 'look for Community involvement in the identification of those who carry out the attacks' will be most effective, and that 10 years of such initiatives from the local Conservative association will really get the probelm under control.....!

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand the youth in Bournemouth.It is a sesaide resort and not an inner city so the excuse of "there's nothing to do",wears thin on me.The problem stems from technology with young teens walking around with MP3s and Mobile phones so there fore they become a target