Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No to ID Cards

Averil King (no relation), who is the chairperson of Mid Dorset and North Poole UKIP has a letter in tonight's Daily Echo making some very good points in opposition to the Government's plans for ID cards.

Good for Averil.

I'm opposed to the ID card scheme. It will be a huge intrusion in to our privacy and it wastes money which could be so better spent elsewhere (for example, helping the Home Office keep track of convicted offenders).


Anonymous said...

We are not entirely against I.D cards,in fact we think peoples privacy went a long time ago.In a changing world that is hinged on suspicion it maybe the way forward.Bob and Sue Murray.

Nick King said...

Thanks for your comment, Bob and Sue.

For me the issue is that systems exist already to provide the same type of checks, if only they are implemented and used properly (evidence the Home Office).

The cost of introducing the scheme is estimated at £3 billion.

I think that money can be much better spent elsewhere.

I also think that the kind of information to be collected on the ID cards begins to take Government intrusion in to our privacy beyond the line I'm prepared to accept.