Sunday, November 12, 2006

AFC Bournemouth's Planning Applications

I’ve been waiting to see when the application for planning at AFC Bournemouth would appear in the planning lists. When it still didn’t appear at the beginning of this week, I thought I should start doing some digging as it had been over a month since it was first reported.

No one in the planning department could tell me what was happening so I went to the club direct. It appears that there have been some issues raised by the Environmental Impact Assessment which have caused delays in the plans being brought forward. I couldn’t find out exactly what there were, but would suspect it is more to do with the area to the rear of Bishops Close where the fitness facility will be built rather than the hotel or housing sites.

I was asked why I was interested and I explained that I was in touch with concerned residents in Thistlebarrow Road. They were quite clear that they had consulted fully with the owners of the houses either side of the one to be demolished and I explained that it wouldn’t just be those residents who were effected by the development.

The club appear very keen to mollify any opposition. I suggested therefore that they should be holding a public meeting to let local people discuss their plans and put forward their own opinions prior to finalising their plans. I intend bringing the issue up at the Littledown and Iford Forum meeting on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Typical - Bournemouth Tories just can't wait for the opportunity to do something to hurt the football club.

Anonymous said...

I would suspect AFC Bournemouth are just keen to not invoke the wrath of "The Friends Of King's Park" who have caused the club much headaches in the past.

I think that the residents of Thistlebarrow Rd need to remember that the football ground has been there a lot longer than they have been. Except maybe Elaine Findlay!

Perhaps one day the council will fully support league football in Bournemouth, as many other councils have sucessfully done around the country. It should be treated as an asset to the town, not an inconvenience.

Nick King said...

Actually this isn't an issue of whether the football club should carry out the development or not.

I support the development on the basis that I support anything that assists AFC Bournemouth in maintaining and improving their financial position.

This shouldn't happen to the detriment of those living around the site though. I'm working with the club and the developers to get them to talk to the concerned residents in the hope that an acceptable compromise can be found.

There have been Conservative candidates in the past who have not been supportive of the football club. I understand that, but do not support their point of view.

The Friends of Kings Park not only damaged AFC Bournemouth but also caused problems for the residents of Littledown and Iford. Let's hope that this development can proceed, but with access arrangements that do not cause problems for the club's neighbours.

Anonymous said...

The actions of the Conservative Party towards the football club in recent years - Messrs Lelliot and Chapman in particular - mean that I (and other supporters judging from the other comments) will never vote Conservative in any election at any level as long as I live.

When you look at what other councils have done for their local clubs - Swansea and Hull for example - it puts ours to shame. I don't ever expect this to change either. The club's supporters are diluted across all of the wards in the town (and into other local authorities). The club's opponents are concentrated in wards close to the stadium. This means that it is very difficult for supporters to be adequately represented in the council. They are not a significant constituency for their councillors - whereas those that wish to harm the club have an undue level of influence over theirs (something that is not helped by the low turnout in local elections).

Anyway, I digress. What is the basis for the onjections of the residents of Thistlebarrow Road? The access road that is proposed will go through Bishops Close. You do not need to drive down Thistlebarrow Road to reach it so they have no basis to object on the grounds of any increase in traffic. If their concerns are that they will be overlooked by the new development then a quick look at Google maps will show you that the only houses that back on to the development land are those that previously backed on to the corner of the Brighton Beach End/New Stand and were overlooked by the terraces of the old stadium and its floodlights!

Nick King said...

Thanks for your comments Stu.

I'm sorry that the actions of some Conservative councillors years ago taint a fresh generation for you.

I agree entirely with your comments with regard to the undue influence certain pressure groups who have been largely opposed to plans put forward by AFC Bournemouth have had.

Generally I have found that people living in my ward, which includes Dean Court, are supportive of the club.

Please remember that the actions of the Friends of King's Park caused just as many problems to the people of Littledown as they did to the club itself. Without those actions we would not have nearly as many parking problems as we have now.

I must correct you over the access to the proposed development. The access to the residential development is proposed to be through Thistlebarrow Road. The developer has purchased a property there and will be demolishing it to create the access road.

Access to the hotel and the leisure facility will be through King's Park, utilising the access roads around the stadium.

The concerns raised so far by some residents in Thistlebarrow Road are legitimate in my opinion. I must stress, they are not anti the development, only asking for an alternative access to be considered that causes them less disruption.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I misread the original blog entry where it was saying the problem was Bishops Close...

I don't know how you could reach a compromise on access to this side of the plot. If it can't be through one of the residential streets that borders it, there can be no access without building a new road on the public/charity commission round the south side of the stadium.... and that would certainly get the KP6 involved!!

Nick King said...

The short answer to how the developers could accommodate alternative access considerations is 'I don't know' I'm afraid.

In the long term I firmly believe that a priority for the next council, of whatever political complection, must be an overhaul of the Five Parks Act.

It needs to be brought in to the 21st century, recognising that needs have changed and that uses of the parks now extends well beyond those original envisaged when it was drawn up and subsequently revised.

Anonymous said...

The Friend of Kings Park,Elaine Findlay and Dee Henderson Sit on the Neighbourhood Management Board Of Boscombe West and Springbourne and they must not be allowed to dictate democracy in the ward.AFCB is a major stakeholder in the local community and have suffered immensley through thease nimbys

Anonymous said...

As a resident for some 35 years the planning application for AFCB would bring much life and a sustainable economy to the area.I agree with the previous comment about Miss Findlay and Henderson,that they are a disgrace to the local area and if they do sit on the Neighbourhood Board then they should be removed.Kings park was once vibrant with the fair,circus and now it is dead.Support the application and the club

Anonymous said...

Having just found this site i am pleased a local politician allows us to air our views.My point on this debate is quite simple.That Elaine Findlay is a member of the conservative party and her views on this issue may be seen as the local party views.As an ardent AFCB supporter i have never voted conservative because of Elaine Findlays Membership to the conservative party.Signed A Thistlebarrow Road Resident

Nick King said...

Thanks to those of you who have left your comments today.

I personally agree with the general theme of your comments. I believe the actions of the Friends of Kings Park have been, on the whole, detrimental for our area.

That said, I would defend to the end their right to express their point of view.

At the end of the day, a political party can not exclude someone who wishes to join it on the basis of their view over a particular issue. I'm sorry that you feel unable to support us Thistlebarrow Rd resident. Please remember, you'll be voting for Jane, Claire and I rather than Elaine Findlay at the next election. Our views over the park issue are really quite different to hers.

Anonymous said...

My Neighbour told me about this blog and what a good idea.I live in Leeson Road and have strong feelings towards the developement.I beleive it is fundermantal to the prosperity of Kings Park and the football club.The misery that the undemocratic Friends of Kings Park have heeped on this area makes them in my opinion the neighbours from hell.Perhaps Elaine findlay and Dee Henderson be served with an ASBO.The park is in need of activities.It is under used and since the introduction of a skate-park,anti-social behaviour has increased.We need to adjust the five parks actin accordance with 21st century life.

Anonymous said...

Neil Graves-My thoughts are that i am worried about the increased traffic but i do believe that this developement is needed and with good management would entice business into the area.I.E-Conferences and Tourism.I am not to worried about the friend of kings park but i hope they do not use their position on Neighbourhood Management to direct the council decision.This is a littledown and Iford discussion and not a Springbourne one

Anonymous said...

The opening of Gloucester Road gates could be an option and access gained through Kings Park Drive into the lorry park.Remember the past-Holdenhurst Road to Pokesdown Hill through the park.Take this five park act for the drivel that it is.I want to move forward and this will be the starter for the area and club.Please ignore the small minds of Findlay and Henderson.Gary Cooper.Harewood Avenue.Bournemouth

Nick King said...

Thank you for all your comments.

In general I agree that the development is a good thing and I'm in favour of it with a couple of caveats.

Firstly, the on slip to the Wessex Way at the King's Park roundabout must be built. The consequences of having even more traffic trying to head down the one open lane of Holdenhurst Avenue don't bear thinking about.

Secondly, the legitimate concerns of residents in Thistlebarrow Road about the access arrangements need to be addressed.

We are still all waiting to see plans and until they are published I'm afraid I'm left commenting on something I've heard about but not as yet seen.

Turning to the comments about the Five Parks Act. I agree entirely that we should be bringing the Act up to date. For me the best way forward is a full debate about Bournemouth's Parks and most importantly King's Park.

If we are to consider this development and, in time, the construction of an ice rink in the park, then we must also look at the Five Parks Act, its restrictions and their relevence to the use to which the parks are now being put.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed with the whole thing.The park is shut by nimby,Findlay and Henderson and Mr Ellwood MP,seem more concerned being seen with David Cameron than his constituents.I think i am in the growing numbers who are very disappointed with Mr Ellwood.A very fed up littledown resident and businessman