Saturday, September 09, 2006

Signage for Holdenhurst Avenue on Castle Lane East

I have been asking for the reinstatement of the ‘right hand lane turns right’ sign in the central reservation as you approach the Sainsbury’s lights heading towards Iford. I received this answer from highways this week about the situation:

“There is not enough width now on the central reservation to replace the original lane designation sign for Holdenhurst Avenue on the approach to the Riverside Traffic Signals. The replacement for this sign is located on the left side of the eastbound carriageway on the footway/cycleway. To accommodate the widening of Castle Lane East, we had to narrow the central island in order to reduce the effect of the road widening on the houses to the south of CLE.”

So no chance of getting the sign reinstated I’m afraid. I’ve asked them to look at any practicable option, having the sign on the left is of no use in my opinion.

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