Saturday, September 30, 2006

RBH betray their supporters

If you've seen the front page of the Daily Echo today, then you'll know that they've lead with my comments about the news that Royal Bournemouth Hospital are withdrawing their plans for expansion on to Wessex Fields. Rather they are supporting the Troika application thrown out by the Planning Board in Feburary.

You can read the story in full here.

The Wessex Fields site at Riverside Avenue is where Troika want to build their offices and for which planning permission was granted for an extension of the hospital’s facilities earlier this month.

Royal Bournemouth Hospital withdrew their planning application for the extension of their facilities in a letter sent to the Council yesterday. In the letter they also expressed an intention to back the Troika application, having come to an agreement with them over their proposed development on the site.

This news will make it much harder for the Council to defend its position at the Public Enquiry in December, and makes an outcome where some form of office development (indeed even the original plan), would be built more likely.

It’s possible that a fresh, joint, application from Troika and the Hospital may come forward. If this is the case I will of course let you have the details straight away.

My opposition to the original Troika scheme remains consistent. Providing 3,500 jobs and only 900 parking spaces is madness. There has been insufficient note taken on the effect this additional traffic will have on Castle Lane and the surrounding roads, both in Littledown and also in Strouden Park.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you nick, the surrounding area does not have the infrastructure to cope with this, in addition the traffic is getting worse all the time. Obviously reflecting all the homes being ripped down to be replaced with blocks of flats. The town is slowly becoming suffocated.