Monday, September 04, 2006

The cost of the chips in bins fiasco!

The Echo will be running a story tomorrow based upon some information I sent them.

Tobias Ellwood MP and I worked out the following information yesterday based upon our individual experiences of the chip in bins issue this last week.

We both came up with the same rough proportion of people we know to have destroyed or removed the chips from their bins. This was between a quarter and a third. I’ve seen differing estimates of the number of new bins, the lowest being 65,000. Based upon a 25% destruction rate and a cost, as quoted by the council, of £28 per chip, this means that the cost of the PR and administrative disaster this is turning out to be is already an additional £455,000! (65,000 x 25% = 16,250; @£28 = £455,000)

If you take the upper estimate of a third then the cost could run to over £600,000!

Additionally, we estimate that around 10 – 15% of households have not received their recycling instruction packs as the new system started today.

Disgraceful! A motion is being put to Council next week calling on the council to apologise and come clean with the true cost of this mess. We'll see if it is passed.

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