Saturday, September 30, 2006

AFC Bournemouth's Planning Applications

While the Echo concentrated upon the plans for a new hotel and leisure complex at the AFC Bournemouth site. I understand that there is a further application to build ten family houses at the rear (the eastern side) of the stadium. Access to this land is going to be via a property in Thistlebarrow Road which will be demolished.

The council have confirmed that there will be no need for an environmental assessment of the site.

I want to gather local residents views before the planning process starts in earnest. The development plans the construction of houses that will be in keeping in terms of size and style with those in Bishops Close and Thistlebarrow Road. There may be issues of access and parking however, which I’ll be looking in to.

My inclination is to support the expansion plans for the stadium complex itself, on the basis that the facilities will be needed by the club and provide a further source of income for them. My caveat would be that the King’s Park ‘on slip’ must be built before construction starts in order that we avoid further congestion of Littledown Avenue and Holdenhurst Road. I’d welcome local residents' views on this issue.

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