Sunday, May 07, 2006

Purbeck Election Results

Back from to posting to the blog after a week of campaigning in Mid Dorset and Nort Poole.

Here are the results from Thursday night (with change from the comparable election last time) follow:

Lytchett Matravers and Morden

Lib Dem: 796 (51.9%) -11.6%
Con: 739 (48.1%) +11.6%

Majority: 55 (reduced from 295)


Lib Dem: 1339 (60.4%) + 17.9%
Con: 879 (39.6%) + 16.6%
Ind: - 29.5%
Lab - 5.0%

Majority: 460 (increased from 307 over Independent last time, and from 459 over Conservative)

Very well done and commiserations to Brian in Wareham and Colin in Lytchett Matravers. Both ran very energetic and professional campaigns and both have laid excellent groundwork for next year in Wareham and 2008 in Lytchett when these seats are contested again.

We certainly had the Liberals worried in both seats, ensuring that they concentrated their resources in their own two areas rather than targeting ours. Overall it was a good night in Purbeck District where we held all of our seats and also picked one up from the Independents.


Anonymous said...

That was close.

Let's hope Jim Knight can hang on as well.

Nick King said...

I'm afraid I hope not.

Richard Drax has been chosen to oppose him. He's a great chap and would make a fine MP.

These two seats were in the Mid Dorset bit of Purbeck by the way, hence no Labour candidates in either.