Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Local Area Agreement - Walk the Ward

Bournemouth Borough Council, in common I understand with all local authorities, is in the process of setting up Local Area Agreements in each ward. These will be used to highlight priorities in the various areas.

In preparation for these agreements council officers have asked to walk around each ward with the councillors representing it. Ours for Littledown and Iford is booked for Friday June 2nd.

In preparation for this I've been sent the following questionnaire, which we are due to complete as we walk around the area, expressing the views of our residents. It therefore seems a good idea to me to publish the questions and ask residents to help me respond to them, otherwise how can I truly know that I am representing what they think.

Here they are:

1. What is life like for people in your ward? How do you know?
a. What’s the situation at the moment? How do you know?
b. What’s that like for people? How do you know?
c. What’s it like to be resident in Littledown & Iford? How do you know?
d. What’s it like to live in Bournemouth?
e. What do you feel good about in this ward?

Do people feel safe, are children being well educated, do they feel part of a community, are people in good health, is the financial side of life manageable for people here, How do they get involved, How do they get included, How are they and their views listened to, Do they think it is a nice place to live, is there somewhere to go, what is work like for people here, what are relationships like in the ward etc.?

f. Do you have a concern for your ward or the people who live here? How do you know?

see the opposite of above e.g. are people unsafe, are they discriminated against, is the situation they are in unfair etc.

g. What have they chosen to do about that?
h. Is the community getting support for that?
i. What difference is that making? How do you know?
j. How come?
k. What have you chosen to do about the situation?
l. What else could be done about it?
m. What support could local organisations and services give to help your ward?
n. How do people get treated when they get support? How do you know?
o. If you woke up tomorrow and someone had waved a magic wand and removed the problems your ward faced what would be different about the place, tomorrow, a few years from now, in the end?
p. Do you think people in your ward are happy?

A lot of questions, I know. Comments and responses to some if not all of them would be very welcome, either leave them in the comments section below or e-mail me at:


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