Monday, February 12, 2007

Traffic Regulation Orders – Petersfield Road, Durrington Place and Cheriton Avenue

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to comment on these amendments. I’ve incorporated your comments in to my response. I understand that my fellow councillors, Adrian Fudge and Fran Ketchley have circulated letters informing people that the outcome may be different to the plans posted and that they want to feed comments back to the Highways Department.

I have made it clear in my submission that these proposals have come about as a result of campaigns that have involved considerable public consultation over the last year and have also emanated from local residents’ requests. I’m afraid Adrian and Fran didn’t bother to speak to me about the situation before circulating their letters. But there again, I’m afraid that’s neither surprising nor new. It does however mean that it is helpful if you can write in support of the proposals as they stand, emphasising that they are as a result of residents’ requests and that local consultation has taken place.

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