Friday, February 23, 2007

Motorbikes in King's Park

I've received the following note from the Parks Department about their pursuance of people riding motorbikes in King's Park, which I thought I should pass on to you:

"I am writing in regards to the problem of motorbikes being ridden on Kings Park. Yesterday evening, thanks to a call from a member of the public, a blue mini-moto that was witnessed riding on the cricket ground was seized from its owner by the local Police.

I have also been informed today, that a red scramble bike has been seized from its owner at his address, this second success is down to a good working-relationship with the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team which has increased communications and information sharing between our two organisations. Community Parks and Countryside Officers witnessed the bike being ridden on the park at extreme speeds and acting on information from the public, traced its owner to a local address. Although the Police could not attend at the time, a report was sent and the Police acted swiftly to seize the bike from its owner some days later.

I am hopeful that these two events will act as a deterrent to this problem and motivate people in continuing to inform us of such problems."

It's good to see the Parks Department and the Police beginning to get tough with people riding their bikes in the Park.

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Anonymous said...

Thats good to hear.But what about the cars that go screaming around the lorry park all times of day.And on observation as a regular dog walker in Kings Park,it would be good to see the gates open at Gloucester Road to allow the Police through