Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm voting, are you?

Estonia's General Election is on March 4th. This advert is appearing to encourage people to vote. The people are the well known Estonians in different fields (yes, they do exist).

The message on the shirts means 'I will vote, and you?'.

Perhaps we should organise similar adverts for the next local or general elections. Who would you choose? For me: Johnny Wilkinson, Dame Judy Dench, Cliff Richard, Richard Branson and Lord Coe.

Useless fact and Eurovision Link: Ines (laulja - which means singer) sang the 2000 Estonian Eurovision entry 'Once in a Lifetime', it came fourth.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Nigel Farage

Nick King said...

Mmmm, slightly off the wall suggestion Jeremy. Two slight problems as I see it:

1. I don't think I've ever seen Nigel in a t-shirt

2. I'm not sure anyone who doesn't vote would be encouraged to vote by him appearing in a campaign.