Saturday, October 14, 2006

Telephone Masts

Mast outside Tescos on Castle Lane

I’m very pleased to say that the revised application for this mast, which would have replaced a lamp post, has been turned down again. The operator, O2, has been asked to consider the compound by the Cooper Dean Roundabout where there are already a number of masts as an alternative site.

Mast on the corner of Castle Lane and Chaseside

This is a proposal for a mast on the north western corner of the junction of Castle Lane East and Chaseside, essentially just by the recycling point in the Littledown Centre. It would, in my opinion, have been too close to some of the houses in Hatfield Gardens and Chandlers Close. The pre-site consultation has just been concluded and I am very pleased to report that the operator has agreed to re-site the mast closer to the Cooper Dean roundabout, away from residential properties.

Mast on the corner of Old Bridge Road and Christchurch Road

This is the proposal for a mast on the piece of land opposite the Iford Bridge public house. I expressed my view to the planners that this was a completely inappropriate location, not least because it is so close to the Little Bridges Nursery School as well as residential properties. I’m very pleased to report that the operator has been told by the Planning Department that they concur with this opinion and that if an application is brought forward then it will not be looked upon favourably.

I should stress that this does not stop the operator making an application, but does make it very likely that it will be refused should it be made.

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