Sunday, October 01, 2006

"and my thoughts are also with Nick King..he must be feeling crushed by these events...but he'll bounce back."

....these are the words of one of the supporters of the hospital's expansion scheme on to Wessex Fields, and by definition therefore an objector to the Troika Development.

I know this person reads this blog on occasion, for which I am grateful and slightly humbled.

I'm also very grateful for the good thoughts expressed in the comment.

I want to make it clear though that I am not in the least bit disheartened, rather I am energised to continue our fight. My opinion is, always was and will remain that the Planning Board made the correct decision in turning down Troika's application in February.

The application took no serious note of its potential for over intensification of development. The effect of additional traffic on Castle Lane, local roads and the Cooper Dean roundabout by the construction of an office development for 3,500 workers, which provides just 900 parking spaces was ignored.

Be sure that I will be attending and speaking at the Public Enquiry and I'll continue to do everything in my power to ensure that sensible, proportionate development takes place on Wessex Fields.

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