Thursday, October 19, 2006

Casino Plans go on show

Should Bournemouth be granted a license for a casino by the governement, then it's likely that plans will come forward from the Trevor Osbourne Group who wish to build it on land next to the Pavilion.

The inital plans have gone on show this week.

I'm sorry to say I'm not impressed. I have my doubts about the concept of the casino anyway, although I see its benefit in drawing people to the town. It's for that reason that I voted in favour of the application being made in principal.

I'm not sure at all that the right place for it is in the location now being considered, which is next to the Pavilion and opposite the Royal Bath hotel. I'm even more sure that the design being proposed isn't acceptible. This part of town is already blighted by the IMAX building, the last thing we need is another carbuncle on Bath Hill.

There is some beautiful architecture in Westover Road and on Bath Hill, if there must be a building placed in this spot why can in not echo this, or at least compliment it? I hope we are asking the architects to go back to the drawing board if this ever comes before the council.

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