Saturday, August 26, 2006

Troika Development - Dates for Appeal

The date for responses to the Appeal by Troika Developments against the refusal of planning permission for their park and ride and office development scheme on Wessex Fields has been set. The publicity letter from the council is copied below.

You can see that there are two ways by which you can object, either in writing or on the web site of the Planning Inspectorate.

As usual, I will be circulating a letter explaining my point of view along with notes on how to write your own letter and an example letter to use should you wish to do so. It’s terribly important that local opposition is made plain by the largest response possible at this stage. I’d therefore urge you to object before the deadline of September 22nd.

My opposition remains based upon the fact that the development proposes offices for over 3,000 workers with parking for only 1,000, that the park and ride facility is proposed to be built on Green Belt land and that the combination of the two will increase local congestion even further in and area which is already considerably over developed.

Publicity letter:

"Your ref:
This matter is being dealt with by: Mrs Seddon
Direct line 01202 451193
Our ref: PT/CAS/S78/2006/6047 & S78/2006/6048

21 August 2006
TO :- The Owner / Occupier

Dear Sir/Madam,

APPELLANT: Troika Developments Ltd
APPEAL SITES: 1. Land adjacent Riverside Avenue, A338 and Holdenhurst Road 2. Riverside Avenue to the west and fronting and to the South of A338, Bournemouth.
REFS: APP/G1250/A/06/2020319/NWF & APP/G1250/A/06/2020325/NWF

In September 2004 the Council received two applications from the above named for planning permission for 1. “Construction of car and lorry parking areas and ancillary buildings, construction of grade separated junction with associated earthworks (Park & Ride Scheme)” at land adjacent Riverside Avenue, A338 and Holdenhurst Road and 2. Approval in principle for the erection of Class B1 offices, health care and nursing facility with associated vehicular access, car parking, external works, landscaping and service installations at land at Riverside Avenue to the west and fronting and to the south of A338. The Council refused the applications on 28 February 2006.

Appeals against these refusals have been lodged with the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and will be determined by her following a Public Inquiry.

I am required by The Planning Inspectorate to inform you that if you have any opinions on the proposed developments which you wish the Inspector to take into account in preparing the report to the Secretary of State, you can either submit three sets of them in writing to: The Planning Inspectorate, Room 4/04 Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN quoting reference numbers APP/G1250/A/06/2020319/NWF & APP/G1250/A/06/2020325/NWF or submit your comments through the online appeals service You must ensure that any representations you wish to make regarding these appeals are received by them no later than 22 September 2006. I have also been instructed by The Planning Inspectorate to inform you that any communication received by them after this date will not normally be seen by their Case Inspector and will be returned to you. Please note that the Council can take no responsibility for forwarding representations to The Planning Inspectorate on your behalf by the date specified above. I must make it clear that any comments you may write cannot be treated as confidential but must be made available to the appellant and any other interested party. The Planning Inspectorate may publish details of your comments, on the internet (on the appeals area of the Planning Portal). Your comments may include your name, address, e-mail address or phone number. Please ensure that you only provide information, including personal information belonging to you that you are happy will be made available to others in this way. If you supply information belonging to a third party please, ensure you have their permission to do so. More detailed information about data protection and privacy matters is available on the Planning Portal. The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge your letter unless you specifically ask for them to do so.

Please note that any letter which you may have written to me at the time the planning applications that are the subject of these appeals were being considered by the Council (my ref. 7/2004/20006/A and 7/2004/16450/G) has already been forwarded to The Planning Inspectorate. Should you want to amend those earlier views in any way, please write or e-mail the Planning Inspectorate as per the details given in the third paragraph of this letter.

The documents relating to the appeals may be inspected at the address at the top of this letter during office hours on weekdays. However, in order to avoid a possibly wasted journey, it is advisable to check on the availability of these documents by telephoning the number given at the top of this letter before visiting this office. A booklet entitled “A guide to taking part in planning appeals” can be collected free of charge from department, or through “publications” on the Planning Inspectorate’s website

If you wish to be advised of the outcome of the appeals, you must specifically request a copy of the Secretary of State’s decision from the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol as per the details given in the third paragraph of this letter.

Yours faithfully,"

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