Monday, August 21, 2006

Budget Seminars

Bournemouth residents are invited to come along and give their opinions on how the Council should spend it's money this September, at specially organised Budget Consultation workshops at the Bournemouth Learning Centre, Ensbury Park.

The Council is looking for 300 volunteers to take part in six Budget Consultation workshops at various times between the 6-9 September. The workshops give residents the chance to tell their Council which services are valued most and which services should take priority over others. During the workshops, participants will be given points to ‘spend’ and asked to decide what levels of various services they want to ‘buy’ with their points. Should libraries be opened on a Sunday? Should car parking charges be increased or reduced? Do we need more street cleaning or more youth centres? Should the Council stop charging for collecting bulky waste? As in the real world, participants will not be given enough points to buy all the services they would like, so will need to think hard about where their priorities really lie.

As well as knowing that their feedback at the workshops will help inform any decisions our Councillors make about future spending plans or changes in services, participants will be given a £10 voucher to spend at ASDA Castlepoint as a 'thank you' and to cover any travel expenses.

If you are interested you can either click onto and fill in the application form on the homepage 'Budget Consultation workshops' or call 454962 and details can be taken over the phone. A letter confirming your place will be sent to you, along with a map and directions to the Learning Centre.

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