Monday, August 21, 2006

Green Waste Recycling Scheme planned

Under some pressure from opposition councillors the council have now published their plans for green waste disposal.

Finally recognising that we can not possibly compost everything from the garden, a scheme has been put in place. It requires you getting a ‘green bag’ from the council, either from their waste depot of from a dustbin man, however it does mean that there will be the possibility of getting your waste taken away.

This is the council's advice on how to go about this:

Residential Collection Scheme Monday to Friday Only

We will be piloting a “green waste” collection scheme commencing Monday 4th September 2006.

We will collect one bag of garden waste per property per week. Bags will be supplied by Bournemouth Council and only these bags will be collected.

The Green Waste Hotline 451649 will be open from Monday 4th September 2006 between the hours of 9am – 4pm. This is a direct number for residents to make arrangements for the collection of their green waste.

The contact centre number 01202 451199 will pick up any overflow.

Information will also be available on the council website

Residents can collect the special green waste bags from Friday 25th August at either Southcote Rd Depot Reception, most Libraries, Neighbourhood Shops, weekend “Bring Sites” or Millhams Civic Amenity Site. They can also ask the Recycling Teams when they empty their 240ltr recycling bin.

It is important to remind people that these bags will start to break down within 4 days and as such, they should not use the bag or leave it where it will get damp until a collection date has been agreed.

Only garden waste will be collected no earth/soil, rubble or kitchen waste.

Each time a bag is collected; they will leave a replacement bag with the owner or post one through their letterbox.

It is envisaged that residents are allocated a day of collection based on the area in which they live. It may not be possible to collect on the same day as the Refuse or Recycling Teams.

We will trial and review different bags during the next 6 months.

Bring Sites Alternate Weekends at Kings Park and Slades Farm

Residents can continue to use the Millhams Civic Amenity Site or use the pilot “Bring Sites” on weekends.

These sites are for the recycling of garden waste only, brought to the site by Bournemouth residents.

Each site must operate with the same rules as Millhams. This includes providing proof of address, no trade vehicles and no trailers over a certain size.

The opening times will be 10am – 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Any changes will be advertised in the press or on the Green Waste Hotline answer phone.

Residents will be asked to pull over in a safe cordoned off area. They will remove the waste from their vehicle onto a designated area. The council’s own staff will be the only authorised persons to load the vehicle.

No exceptionally heavy items, large branches, roots or tree stumps will be accepted.

We will commence Saturday 26th August 2006 and review the frequency and suitability at each site during September / October.

A Duty Cleansing Supervisor or Manager will be on duty at all times the sites are open to the public.

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