Monday, June 12, 2006

Travelers in Iford and King's Park

Many of you will no doubt have noticed that travelers are back in the area.

Encampments have been set up on the Iford Meadows, by the rugby club and in King's Park.

Those at Iford arrived on Friday and those in King's Park arrived on Saturday. The Council are fully aware of both encampments. An order has been already obtained requiring the travelers to move on for those at Iford Meadows. This will be served on them either tomorrow (Tuesday) or on Wednesday.

A hearing is arranged for an application for an order for the Council to take possession of the land at King's Park for Wednesday. This means that the order will be served on Thursday or Friday. In both cases the travelers will be given 3 days to move on.

The order will prohibit any travelers staying on the sites, including those who may subsequently arrive for a period of three months.