Monday, April 17, 2006

Your Littledown & Iford Conservative Team

I have been very remiss in not introducing you to my fellow candidates (some would say partners in crime, but I couldn't possibly comment!) for our ward in next year's elections.

Jane, Claire and I have been friends for some years, we've been through the 2003 local elections, two by elections and the General Election together. They are both very hard working, conscientious and most of all fun to work with.

Jane runs her own care homes business, while Claire works with her husband in their PR and marketing business.

Both Jane and Claire have young families as well as their own careers. Working for themselves they, like me, are able to work politics in around their busy lives.

Their experiences in both business and in raising their families in the area make them uniquely qualified to understand the problems facing the residents of our ward. More importantly having built their own businesses they have the qualities needed to ensure that things get done and that the usual 'that's just not possible' response we get to so many initiatives isn't accepted.

I'm sure that if we are all lucky enough to be elected next year we'll make a formidable team in the Council and will finally be able to bring about some of the improvements our area so desperately needs!

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