Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mark Oaten & Me

Me & Mark Oaten (I'm the one with less hair)

Apparently I look a bit like Mark Oaten. Judge for yourselves above.

Read a rather unsettling report today in the Independent on Sunday. According to them he is going full tilt to rehabilitate himself with interviews by both him and his wife in 'Hello!'

It's been just under three months since the rent boy revelations. Shouldn't he be waiting a little longer? It's hardly any wonder that politicians are held in such low esteem by the public when you can be involved in a financial/immigration/party funding/sex scandal, resign and then rejoin the cabinet/Liberal Democrat front bench within a few months.

I really don't want to know anything further about Mr Oaten thank you. He's committed some fairly unpleasant acts and deserves to spend some time away from the limelight reflecting on his deceitfulness no matter how talented he may be.

More importantly, if he keeps a low profile then I don't have to put up with people saying, 'do you know you look a bit like that Mark Oaten' whilst trying to stifle a snigger.

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