Monday, April 17, 2006

Council Tax: What are the Liberals on?

Purbeck is the only District Council in Dorset to be having elections this year. The Liberal Democrats there have just put out an election leaflet boasting that they would do away with council tax and replace it with a tax based upon ability to pay.

Forgive me for being very confused, but didn't they make a big thing of voting to scrap their plans for a local income tax at their conference last year?

Research this week showed that working familes in London would pay on average a further £1,500 per year in tax under a local Income Tax scheme.

Not only would the Liberals have us paying more tax, but they would want it adminstered by the regional assembly. It really makes you wonder what is going on? It's all very well attacking the local Conservative Council for supporting the principal of Council Tax as the least unjust system in principal. But the Liberals really need to sort out what positive measure they are proposing to put in its place. Perhaps their time would be better spent supporting us in demonstrating against the totally unfair reallocation of national grant from southern districts to northern ones.

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