Thursday, April 13, 2006

Phone Masts

If it's not parking it's phone masts at the moment here in Bournemouth!

Today hasn't been a great day. One of those 'concertina' days where time seems to dimish much faster than the work load!

Perhaps I should not have offered to manage the campaign in Wareham and Lytchett Matravers and Morden for Purbeck Conservatives after all!

Anyway, all the frustration of not getting leaflets printed on time, inserting 'Lytchett Matravers' rather than 'Wareham' in the postal voter leaflets and having to drive around Mid Dorset like a mad man tonight has disappeared.

The proposed telephone mast on Castle Lane East has been refused by the Council Planning Department. Hurrah! At last they make a decent decision. Thanks to everyone who bothered to write in to object.

Let's just hope the Planning Appeals in Harewood Avenue and Ropley Road go the same way.

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