Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Message

Well, here it is, my first posting.

The purpose of this blog? To talk about a very interesting year ahead for Bournemouth as we approach the 2007 local elections.

A little about me?

I'm Nick King. I'm 40 and live in Harewood Avenue, Bournemouth. I'm also lucky enough to be one of the Borough Councillors for my ward, Littledown and Iford.

I'm a Conservative and was elected last year at a by-election, gaining the seat from the Liberal Democrats. The swing was one of the largest for some time from Liberal to Conservative: 34%. I'm quite proud of that!

Many people ascribe the victory not to me but to my dog, Harry. Here he is, in his santa hat as per our Christmas Card:

Harry played a major part in the campaign, being the mascot of our campaign to stop building on the near by Green Belt.

I own a business called Rubyz. We have two cabaret restaurants in the Westcliff area of Bournemouth and we also own and operate the main gay club in the town.

Bournemouth has so much to offer both its residents and visitors. It's such a shame that the opportunity to do this is being squandered by our local, Liberal run, council. Their waste, inefficiency and lack of long term commitment and vision lets us all down in my opinion.

Until such time as I have an opportunity to influence the governance of the town, much of my time is taken up looking after the interests of the residents of my ward. Helping local people oppose planning applications seeking to turn family homes in to flats in Harewood Avenue and Ropley Road; opposing the insensitive siting of mobile telephone masts on the Wessex Way and Castle Lane East; fighting anti social behaviour from the owners of industrial units and garages in Corhampton Road and Warnford Road and helping the residents of Iford where flooding is likely obtain better flood protection and emergency evacutaion plans.


Anonymous said...

i am very inpressed with your blog!

Un des oliviers de Flo said...

Hi Nick!

I'm Oliver from Belgium!

I would like to wish you a lot of luck for the 2007 election...

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