Friday, May 15, 2009

Speed Cushions Harewood Avenue

Many of you asked Jane and I to try and have the speed bumps in Harewood Avenue removed and replaced with a more back/car friendly speed control method and so we've been liaising with the highways department at the Council and also Dorset Police.

I'm afraid to say that it rather came to a standstill at a meeting with the police in April as the accident statistics demonstrated that actually accidents have reduced since the bumps were put down.

As the location of the bumps falls within the speed control zone (schools) of 20mph it was suggested by the police that if drivers were travelling at 20mph there would be no damage sustained to vehicles nor discomfort to drivers/passengers. It is unlikely the bumps will be removed as they seem to be working effectively but we will monitor their state of repair closely!

Please do let us know if you find any damage to the bumps.

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