Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Future 3000 in trouble

Apparently the Wednesday edition of the Daily Echo sold out. This is largely due to the fact that Richard Carr was on the front page of the paper here.

There appears to be a good deal of schadenfreude around Bournemouth and Poole at this news.

I don't share in it. I know from bitter experience how hard anyone in business for themselves has to work in economic times like these. I also know how difficult the decision to take the company in to administration must have been for its directors.

I disagree with Richard Carr about very many things. That's no reason to revel in his troubles, as some are doing. He faces a difficult enough few months ahead attempting to keep his businesses afloat in such uncertain times. As do we all. He deserves our respect for creating a profitable business and our sympathy now that it has run in to problems.

I wish him and all his staff all the best. Let's hope there is a way out of this situation for them.

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Anonymous said...

The reason for the delight shown by so many on hearing this news is simply because he has not paid his bills to other businesses time and time again over many many years, yet at the same time throwing his weight around, making out he had loads of money and somehow being respected by the powers that be. You would expect a person who had made a difficult decision like this to at least be apologetic to his creditors, but sadly he chooses to be obnoxious and rude to those who have given him credit. Lets hope there is not a way out for him and he can be stopped from spreading misery around Bournemouth businesses.