Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mobile phone mast protest

Thanks to everyone who came along to the mobile phone mast protest on Monday.  It was reported in the Echo today.

The link is here.

The proposal is to build a mast at the busy junction of Holdenhurst Avenue and Christchurch Road. We've suggested an alternative site, about 800 yds away in Riverside Avenue, at the back of Tesco, which would give similar coverage but would be well away from any local housing and close to the masts built by other companies.

We've succesfully fought off other applications in Southwick Road, in this location and by the Iford Tavern.  Hopefully we'll have the same result again. 

When will the mobile phone companies learn that rather than taking the easy option they should properly consult with local people first to ensure that they are taking their opinions on the site in to account. It would cause them (and us) a whole lot less trouble!

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