Friday, September 21, 2007

Planning application updates

AFC Bournemouth Planning Application

AFC Bournemouth have now lodged their appeal against the rejection of planning permission for their planned development to the side of the stadium. Those of you who objected originally will have received letters informing you of the Appeal. We'll be preparing letters of objection for distribution as previously and will deliver these hopefully over the weekend. I'll also ensure that they are e-mailed to everyone once they are ready.

Planning Application – 163 Harewood Avenue

Once piece of news we heard during the quite time in August and early September was that the planning application for demolition of 163 Harewood Avenue and replacement of the building with flats was finally withdrawn. The property has now been sold and we're hopeful that no further applications will be forthcoming.

Planning Application – 1 Littledown Avenue and 1 Thistlebarrow Road

We have heard this week of a new application however, this is to demolish the properties at 1 Littledown Avenue and 1 Thistlbarrow Road and build a block of 14 flats on the site with underground car parking. The situation of the site, the proposed demolition of the two properties and the size of the development are in our opinion unacceptable. The proposal is out of keeping with the other properties in the area and we will be opposing the application. As usual, we will be delivering letters explaining how residents can object and assisting those who wish to object. As usual, I'll e-mail copies of the letters to you once they are ready later this week.


Anonymous said...

Why has there been an objection to the AFCB Bournemouth plans please?

Nick King said...

We carried out a local survey and found that the majority of the local residents were not necessarily opposed to the construction of housing on the site, but were opposed to the access proposals.

The proposed access requires the demolition of a family home in Thistlebarrow Road and for all access to run through this residential street. It's already used as a rat run when traffic queues in Littledown Avenue in the mornings and the feeling was that the development would make this worse.

We (the local councillors) believe that there are alternative routes for access to the site, and that's the main reason why the objection has been raised.

Hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Why is your website not up to date on planning applications for Boscombe East. Are you biased towards applications put forward by Dave Wells???