Friday, July 27, 2007

Zebra Crossing – Christchurch Road by the Iford Bridge Pub

Michael has been working with the Highways Department to push ahead with the upgrading of this crossing. They have now agreed to carry out this work and again this should be completed sometime in the autumn. We’re pushing for a new crossing as well by the end of the new Iford bridge where the Stour Way crosses the main road.

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Anonymous said...

hi nick,if they are upgrading the crossing i assume that the roundabout will be stayin and any plans to put lights in will be gone forever,not only would lights look very unsightly ( with the loss of a lovely roundabout ) but i feel they would only add to congestion and problems as most lights do !!! the new ones in boscombe along christchurch rd have increased queues both along xchurch rd and trying to join it at the junction where the functional yellow box used to operate !! further to iford bridge,if this is the end of light plan , will they be resurfacing the rest of xchurch rd to and inc the roundabout ? cheers marra. Geordie.