Monday, December 18, 2006

163 Harewood Avenue - another planning appeal

The developers hoping to demolish the house at 163 Harewood Avenue and replace it with six flats have now lodged an appeal against the Council's refusal of planning permission in October.

It would appear that they are hoping that the holiday period will limit the activity of opponents to the application in making sure objections are recieved by the Planning Inspectorate.

We will be delivering letters in the next couple of days as always explaining how you can object and providing a template for you to use if you wish.

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Anonymous said...


Its is such a shame - 92% of all residential planning applications in Bournemouth are for flats compared to 50% ten years ago. I suppose this is the market in action but wowza...!

Have a quick look at the architectural abortion that is modern Boscombe - beautiful Edwardian houses disfigured by horrid extensions, lovely homes razed to the ground for their "development potential" - no wonder Bournemouth is becoming such an ugly place.

A real shame - in 100 years time our Art Deco, Edwardian and late Victorian Architecture will be valued and then it will be too late.