Sunday, July 02, 2006

Negative Campaigning

Iain Dale has started a debate on the issue of negative campaigning in elections, you can read the original post and it's thread of discussion here.

An interesting discussion, which takes me back to my own by election last year. Some of the Lib Dem literature was very personal and very negative about me. Some of the comments reportedly made on the doorstep by them were even more so, apparently.

Despite causing a couple of sleepless nights and a bit of upset, we decided to remain positive throughout.

We also continued to promote Harry as a metaphor for the concerns over loss of the greenbelt in the face of negative comments about his use.

I feel very strongly negative campaigning does nothing but turn the electorate off politicians and elections.

It tars us all with the same brush.

Constructive criticism is fine, criticism of policies, situations and events all allowable.

But why make personal comments?

No one puts themselves forward for election if they intend upon doing harm. The only difference between candidates of any political persuasion (with some obvious far right and far left exceptions) is the means by which they propose doing good.

No one should be knocked personally for doing that.

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