Sunday, April 16, 2006

'Time on Glass' Campaign

The Daily Echo has been building the story of glassing attacks in Bournemouth Town Centre for some time now. Last night they finally made their move to support a ban on the use of glasses and glass bottles by town centre bars and clubs with the announcement of their 'Call Time on Glass' Campaign.

The police have been pushing for this since last autumn.

An excellent initiative, one as a town centre bar owner I fully back.

The impression the publicity gives though is that this is a huge problem throughout the town centre. In my experience, it isn't. There have been some problems, the results of glassing attacks when they have happened have been terrible. However these have been contained to a small area of the town centre.

Rubyz began the transition from glass to plastic in January. We replace our stock of glasses throughout the year and the plan sees us using completely plastic by the autumn.

Certainly on the Westcliff and in the Triangle most of the other bars, pubs and clubs are doing the same thing. None of the problems reported have come from our area. It would be a shame for The Echo not to recognise that sensible moves are already being made by many businesses to remove the risk of glass being used as a weapon in this way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick this is a great idea a law abiding citizen I really don't fancy a nice glass of vino in a plastic cup. Why should I have to down grade my enjoyment of an evening out because some mindless yob can't hold his licquor and gets rough? I know your establishment and very well run it is too but a lot of that is down to your security and that is what the other bars etc should follow.

Nick King said...

Thanks for the comment wine drinker.

I agree with you entirely over the standard of policing of venues. I've long said that the night time economy would not be a problem in our town if the small minority of venues causing a problem were better scrutinised.

The good thing is that when we talk about plastic utensils they are a hard polyeurothene material which is almost indistinguishable from glass, yet does not break easily.