Saturday, July 01, 2006

Troika Development: More Information on Appeal

This is the text of the e-mail sent from the Head of Planning and Transport at the Town Hall explaining the form of the Appeal made by Troika against the refusal of Planning Permission at Wessex Fields.

"We have received the first notification that Troika have submitted appeals on their refused applications. It also appears that they are seeking to have these dealt with under the written representations. The advantage of this approach for them is that the process should give a speedier decision. The advantage for the Council is that Troika are not able to claim costs in this type of appeal.
The local planning authority has to give the Planning Inspectorate a view as to whether it accepts the appellants proposal for dealing with the appeals. From a professional point of view I would say that the written representation approach was not developed to deal with appeals on developments of this nature and therefore we should seek a public inquiry. There a number of people who would want to ensure that they are able to make their case at an inquiry (and may seek to challenge the alternative). In addition I have had an informal view from the Inspectorate that they would expect this type of be dealt with by inquiry."

So it looks as though the format for considering the Appeal will be the first issue of contention. We would appear to be in for a long haul on this one!

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