Monday, July 17, 2006

Southwick Road Telephone Mast - Refused

I’m very pleased to be able to report that that application for a telephone mast at the back of housing in Southwick Road was refused at this evening’s Planning Board Meeting.

The Headmistresses of both Stourfield Schools and a local resident, Mr Carey, gave well thought out and passionate presentations in opposition to the mast respectively. I was VERY disappointed by the comments of the planning officers at the meeting. Their photographic evidence was I have to say well chosen in making the site look as unattractive as possible. Each photo taken from the surrounding gardens was taken when there was a train passing by for example. They also claimed to have held ‘extensive consultations’ with people in the neighbouring properties. Some of you are on this list I know and may like to contradict me, but in speaking to the people living alongside the site I was unaware of them having any consultation from the planning department whatsoever!

It is of course likely that the application will now go to appeal. In the meantime I’ll be approaching O2 with a view to putting forward Iford playing fields or the far side of Beaufort Allotments as alternative sites. Both are within 500 meters of this site, which is the radius O2 say they need. Both are also further from local housing and the schools than this site.

I can confirm also that the refusal of the application for a mast on Castle Lane East by Tesco has been confirmed.

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